14 September 2022


Amsi was born in The Netherlands into a family with love for travel, The sun, sea and especially warm weather.

Since a very young age Amsi her parents and also Co-founder of BEACH-STREET and mother Monique van Der Wal took Amsi on an incredible journey that later had the most impact of why she started BEACH-STREET Cosmetics.

Amsi grew up spending most her time flying up and down between The Netherlands, Spain Ibiza, The Caribbean and even Asia.

Always roaming around the beaches and enjoying the ocean that was the way Amsi and her family like to spend their time.

Amsi’s mother Monique, always found it important to protect her kids and re-apply sun screen as often as possible, even they off-course as kids didn’t like it.

Monique always had a hard time with finding a suitable and non-chemical sunscreen for the kids.

Especially in these times not much was clear about it.

Then the big move to Australia. In this period of Amsi’s life became even more understanding how necessary it is to protect ourselves from strong UVB/UVA rays.

Australia is brutal when it comes to sun exposure.

Here Amsi also start becoming more aware of how important it is that when we enjoy the beach, or any water related activities that we must protect ourselves with care for the ocean.

The ocean that we love to enjoy so much, and with all the beauty is has to offer.

Next to over fishing the ocean is heavily polluted and our oceans are getting damaged more and more every single day.

Around 14.000 tons of sunscreen ends up in the world’s coral reefs a year.

Amsi and Monique had to start somewhere. ‘’thought’’ how can we make a mineral non-nano sink sun protection, that doesn’t compromises its performance nor it’s integrity.


What compounds can we use to create a high performance reef-safe Spf that doesn’t sting your eyes, leaves no bitter taste, doesn’t dry your skin out or leaves it to greasy. How can we fit in a dry grip formula? and how can we make it suitable for athletes till everyday person wearing it comfortably under their make-up?

The challenge was on and they start producing and testing and always with the safety for the ocean and humans as their main priority.

BEACH-STREET is a story of a new and needed era for the cosmetic and sun related beauty product industry.

We can always do better, and we will because we owe it to our oceans.‘’Amsi’’

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