14 September 2022

My day at the beach with Beach-Street.

Hi reader,
My name is Lydia and because I have been using the products of this lovely brand since day one, they asked me to write down my ‘day report’ on how I use the Beach-Street products.
Are you also a beach lover and do you want to know what my day at the beach is like? Then read ‘My day at the beach with Beach-Street’.
The sun is already shining through a gap in my curtains into the bedroom. This promises to be a fantastic day at the beach. After breakfast, before heading out, I apply my 50 spf tube to my face and body to create a buffer on my skin. This is necessary because it takes at least 45 minutes by bike before I put my feet in the sand.
This beach club has lovely beach beds and I spread the large Beach Street towel over my beach bed and apply the right amount of sun cream before I go into the water.
Before, I didn’t think about smearing myself regularly with sun cream, but because the UV rays have a much greater impact on the skin due to the thinning of the ozone layer, I now pay close attention and apply sun cream regularly.
Today, there is a beach volleyball competition and my friends and I have signed up for this. We have been training for a month and are really looking forward to it! After a few hours of sunbathing and swimming, the time has come.
Luckily, I have brought my 50 SPF with me because when you sweat, a sunscreen loses its power and you have to apply it more often. The girls and I rub each other’s backs, shoulders and hind legs in and are ready for battle.
I notice that most of the competitors don’t put on enough sun cream and some of them are as red as lobsters after the race.
We didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun and after having something to eat together, I cycle home with a big smile. Back home, I shower off the sand and salt water and apply Beach-Street’s Aftersun, which gives a lovely cool and fresh feeling.
In the evening, before going to bed, I massage my face with Beach-Street’s SUN oil for extra hydration.
Why am I a fan of this brand?
The sun products are easy to apply, have a neutral, soft coconut scent, offer super protection, are 100% natural and they take into account that the local population in Bali (where they come from) is involved in the production process. Beach-Street also supports a super cool cause with a turtle centre in Bali.
I wish you happy beach days!


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