14 September 2022

The Ugly Side of Beauty Products

The cosmetics, beauty and body care market is one of the biggest around the world. Billions of dollars on trades and direct sales are moved every day because of our necessities. People love cosmetics. Butdo you know there are thousands of innocent animals dying, several natural resources being devastated, and many lives being negatively affected because of this?

What about Plastic?

Most of the cosmetics are well packed in plastic containers with beautiful and elaborated designs which makes us fall in love with their products. But, do we consider that this is absolutely harmful? Absolutely not!

The beauty industry uses plastics without hesitation and because of commercial purposes. Why? Taking care of the environment would increase production expenses.

So we need to know this: Each time we use a product after it is finished we throw it away. These plastics take 100 years to break down. Meanwhile, millions of new plastics will accumulate and start degrading our environment.

And What about their compounds?

Cosmetics are usually full of toxic compounds. For example, when you wash down your makeup, some toxic chemicals will be washed away in the water and of course, end up in the ocean. After that water evaporates and accumulates into the clouds and then pours down as rain along with this toxic chemical. It is simple. And of course, in the middle of the process e are affecting species, environments, etc.

One of the most affected species from the very first moment is plankton, which is the main source of food for many aquatic organisms. Once the chemicals arrive in the ocean, it will reduce the plankton population, affecting millions of os species, but not only this, BHA and BHT cause genetic mutation in amphibians and finally it leads to death. If you take a little time and take a look into the ingredients of the products, you will probably find Sodium Laureth sulphate or maybe Diethanolamine (DEA). The first is a kind of chemical that alters the behaviour of fish, affecting its naturality and leading it to sure death. In the second scenario, this chemical reacts negatively with nitrate and form nitrosamines which are highly carcinogenic to all living organisms including us. Is there a solution? Yes, natural cosmetics  … but.  Ever since people realized the value of natural products. Many cosmetic brands used this opportunity to make more profit. Just to label their products as ‘Natural’ they are destroying our ecosystem. These products are claimed as natural ones by masking the toxic chemicals.  Recommendation: Before buying natural products research the ingredients. But what about SPF? Well, as we know, sunscreen is the most important part of the skincare routine and because of the current situation, we need to use it every day. Sun or no sun.  There is a chemical ingredient in Sunscreen called Oxybenzene or Benzophenone-3. This ingredient helps to absorb UVA and UVB rays and protect us from Sunrays. Does this affect our environment? Absolutely. When the product gets mixed up with ocean or some water bodies, this chemical from Sunscreen will bleach the coral reef and causes damages to its DNA. It won’t reproduce or even grow anymore. If the coral reef population declines, the aquatic ecosystem will collapse.

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