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Tanning Myths Debunked


Sunscreen reduces your ability to tan

Sunscreen or an SPF product protects you against harmful UV rays, however you might still get a tan while wearing it. That’s because no SPF or sunscreen can block 100% of the sun’s UV rays.

For example an SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays. Nevertheless, a sunblock significantly reduces your ability to tan. And all the experts agree that your exposure to sun damage will be much less if you wear it.

MYTH #1 “You need to use oil if you want to tan”

Tanning oil has been a trend for far too long, and the truth is, using it can be flat-out dangerous. While you may think that using an oil is helping accelerate the tanning process, what is actually doing is putting you on the fast-track to a sunburn (or worse). When your skin is slathered in oil it refracts UV light from the sun at the surface of your skin, thereby amplifying the intensity of the sun’s (already intense) UV rays.

While this refraction might appear to speed up how quickly you get color, your significantly more likely to burn than you are tan. (think of putting a magnifying glass between the sun and an ant).

Ditch the oil, reach for the true tan accelerator instead. Unlike fake tan, tan accelerators like base tan : optimizing body lotion works by stimulating melanin production in your skin to bring out your natural color when you re exposed to the sun.

Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its color, and the more melanin your skin produces, the darker your tan will become.

MYTH # 2 “A Burn will fade into a tan”

There is a common miss perception that if you get a sunburn you shouldn’t worry to much, because it will simply fade into a tan, but this has to be the most dangerous attitude out there. Research indicates that just five severe sunburns in your lifetime increase risk of developing melanoma by 80%. While it might appear as though your redness is fading into a glowing bronze, it is not a tan to be proud of because it was only achieved after seriously damaging and weakening your skin. Prepare your skin with a tan optimizer, and never neglect SPF protection, even if you are trying to get some color.

MYTH #3 “Natural oils provide enough low SPF protection”

Many believe that putting on natural oils like coconut oil can provide low-level SPF protection, but this only provides a false sense of security. Natural oils such as coconut oil or raspberry seed oil might offer very minimal SPF ratings, however, this is completely counteracted by the refractive effect that oil has on UV light (see Myth#1). Much like how water refracts the sun’s rays and increases your likelihood of burning – without genuine UV filtering ingredients, coconut oils and such as will do nothing to protect your skin. If your after hydration, follow every period of sun exposure with an antioxidant-rich, soothing after sun.

When your skin receives a lot of UV exposure, it causes a lot of free-radical damage in the skin which eventually leads to sun-damage and pre-mature skin. You can help to strengthen your skin defense by recharging it with potent antioxidants such as sea berry seed fruit extract. This compound is known for its powerful healing an restorative properties

MYTH #4 “You can’t get a tan with sunscreen”

The reason why this myth is so widely believed true is likely due to a miss understanding of the term SPF and what it truly represents. SPF, or sun protection factor, is a measurement of how long we can stay out in the sun without getting burned, based on your skin type. For example, if you would normally burn in 10 minutes of sun exposure with no sunscreen, an application of SPF 15 would give you 15 times the amount of time before your would burn, or 150 minutes.

SPF formulas are tested in a laboratory setting and do not take into account the sweat, sand and frictions from towels that might rub off our sunscreen in a real-life situation. This is why reapplication is crucial.

  • SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB rays
  • SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB rays
  • SPF 50 blocks 98% of UVB rays

So while you may think that blocking 93% of the sun its rays is completely blocking your chance at a tan – do not forget that your sunscreen is being constantly worn down by sweat and clothing that some rays are absolutely getting through.

By preparing your skin with a tan accelerator, then layering on a SPF before heading out you will be surprised what a fantastic tan you can achieve. Mineral non-toxic sunscreen is the way to go in 2022 with protection you and nature at the same time.

My Beach Street Experience


Hello everybody, my name is Koa and I work for Beach Street International in Bali – Indonesia.

What do I do? … I am in charge of aligning the image of the company with its mission and vision, its corporate values, and also the personal motivations of the people who work there.

Considering the characteristics of our products, environmental motivations, and why not? our business vision and strategy; I support the structuring of communication channels for our corporate sustainability plan, the planning and development of our conservation and educational programmes, and as you can see, the company’s blog. I love it, and it’s not more than what my colleagues do, we all do a lot. Here we all row together and with the same strength to reach a common north. The personal improvement and the success of the brand.

In this publication, I wanted to do something different. Not necessarily informative or educational but perhaps, if I have success, maybe inspirational. Today I woke up feeling the necessity to communicate and express myself; and when you feel it, well, that this is the right thing to do. No hesitations are needed.

Backgrounds are not chains! So how does it begin?

I’m 38 years old. I studied law at the University of Lima – Peru, and I dedicated myself to environmental law, specializing in the conservation of the biosphere and climate change. Later I completed a master’s degree in environmental sciences in Barcelona – ​​Spain and I also got a specialization in corporate sustainability – CSR, in San José – Costa Rica.

During my last years practising law, I was working as a political advisor in the Congress of the Republic of Peru and after that for the Ministry of the environment from Perú as well, a great experience that gave me a lot of knowledge. But even if it sound amazing or successful I never felt it that way.

I always felt that I was an enthusiastic person; my dreams are aimed at doing fun things that, in addition to making me happy, help people to feel the same and protect the environment. Under this idea, I worked with various NGOs for amazing programmes, always aligned to my motivations. But returning to my day by day, as you will understand, a lawyer does not usually lead that life of adventure, right? is usually more focused on the corporate world, so despite dedicating myself to the environment, my work involved sitting behind a computer writing regulations all day every day. I did not feel happy at all, perhaps satisfied by the salary, but …   One day, from one moment to another I decide to stop, sell everything I got and get out of my comfort zone. Permanently. I just wanted to find myself while exploring the world. I was scared but decided.


During the last years, I had countless adventures, I became a professional climber and fire performer, I got to know the 5 continents basing my travels on simplicity and joy. Without any plan, just a backpack and a lot of heart.

During this time I was able to learn that when you are really sincere, authentic, good person, and happy, people notice it in your energy. An authentic and permanent smile is the key to personal success and it will always attract good things that sometimes cannot be explained, but everything just happens; eventually.

What About Beach Street?

Within my travels and experiences, I ended up flying to Bali – Indonesia, where I met Ams, who is now our leader, and CEO of Beach Street. At that time the company was not even a plan; the only advance we had was a simple conversation about how to help the local community in environmental terms; we talk about subjects as development, conservation, education, travel, and some other ideas, all of this during a little live music event in a café. Anyway; as it was just an idea I had to continue my plans so a couple of days later I took a plane to Australia to learn project management.

A year later I got a surprising call from Ams; she was inviting me to join the Beach Street team and to work together in Bali on the mentioned projects but as a natural sun-related brand. About that, Ams has an awesome style and in addition to her love for the ocean, she knows a lot about natural skin and body care products, so it makes sense. Ams was interested in my previous knowledge and that is why she invited me to join the Beach Street project, she believe in me and gave me the opportunity to use everything I learned both in my life and professional career, but in a different way, with heart and having fun. I did not think twice and accept, so after the lockdown was done, I took the first plane.

Today I work on Beach Street, where I have wings to fly high as I can, and the confidence to know that everything is possible. We have a common dream and we are here to go for it. With humility, ethics, responsibility, authenticity, and a lot of affection. little by little, we want to make a difference.

Ideas that spread and the birth of a dream

As I mentioned before, Beach Street was born from the idea of ​​providing help and raising awareness, but with some time, creativity, and vision, it took a different form until it became what it is today, a beautiful and friendly line of natural beauty products, which in addition to providing quality, are responsible for protecting the environment and inspiring people.

What do we have and what do you offer?

In addition to our common love for Bali and its unique lifestyle, culture, religion, its amazing waves, and the beautiful coral reefs and mangrove forests that surround it, we have extensive knowledge about the environmental problems that threaten it and about the reasons that make this happen, and this is how Beach Street was born.

A lesson for life

Having a goal is always good, and fighting for it feels even better. However, today I think that instead of having a specific goal it is better to have an idea, not a unique ay but a global panorama of happiness and success; there is no one way to do things, our behave will attract them so we should focus on doing what makes us happy every day, our own energy and positivity will make it real. It may take longer, but we will have a great time.

Success is not always happiness. I was growing fast in my career but never felt entirely happy until I decided to get out of my comfort zone and change.

By the way; I am not saying that the other way is not good, it certainly is, but I prefer this one.

My relationship with Beach Street happened this way

Beach Street offered me an idea of a business with strong values, kindness and motivation. Since working with them, I have been able to resume my dreams of helping others with my knowledge, use my creativity to develop projects and create a style by using the skills I learned during my past experiences.

How nice it is to feel important for the company you work for, and for the people you work with. And how incredible it is to be able to do all this by feeling free.

Today I have a beautiful opportunity that despite being laborious and difficult will be achieved at all costs. With teamwork, leadership, ethics, and enthusiasm. We have lots of things to do.

Responsible Products

So far I have written about personal themes and motivations, but what about the products we offer?

In addition to local development, education, and conservation projects, we offer high-quality natural hair and skincare products. With time, I have come to know and understand its importance for people, especially if we consider the negative effects of climate change.

AT Beach Street we understand the importance of leading a healthy, balanced, and conscious lifestyle, but we understand that we also have special needs. Considering this, and understanding that natural is always better.  We are living a new era where environmental awareness and the sustainable use of its resources is a priority. We always keep this in mind and this is why our products are strictly plant-based; their production does not involve any type of animal abuse, they are vegan, and of course, they do not do any type of damage to the beautiful coral reefs like some other brands. In addition to all these, we have developed a kind of packaging that replaces the plastic with sugar cane, ensuring biodegradable compounds in favour of our planet. We want to offer a conscious product and generate an organic impact on the island where our brand was born. It is our way of giving in return and thanking for the life that we have to lead.

We want to generate a real change. It is our commitment. Would you join?

The Importance of Coral Barriers

The Importance of Coral Barriers

Everybody knows how beautiful the coral barriers can be, we pass our lives watching several documentaries in which we can appreciate a lot of amazing species, amazing colours, seagrasses, etc. But, do we really know how important they are for ocean health and how are we devastating them by increasing our market? definitely no.

If we, as consumers, are making responsible use of the most common media channels, we should know that during the last decades many of the world’s coral reefs have suffered because of global warming, polluted waters and human activities such as change of land use for constructions, plantings, and even unethical overfishing.

Coral reefs are some of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on Earth; they support more species per unit area than any other marine environment, including about 4,000 species of fish, 800 species of hard corals and hundreds of other species. Scientists estimate that there may be millions of undiscovered species of organisms living in and around reefs. This biodiversity is considered key to finding new medicines for the 21st-century .

It is also important to mention that the coral reef structures also buffer shorelines against 97 percent of the energy from waves, storms, and floods, so they also help to prevent loss of life, property damage, and erosion. They are absolutely important to several coastal communities, but sometimes they just don’t know.

As a valuable source of nitrogen and other essential nutrients, ocean corals support entire marine food chains, which depend on them for survival.

On the other side, as coral grows towards sunlight, it leaves behind a kind of skeleton, creating habitats for many small marine organisms which also attract bigger fish looking for food and marine mammals.

They also absorb and store harmful pollutants, such as carbon, in the same way trees remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. This entire process regulates carbon levels, providing an environment for microorganisms to thrive as well.

Under these order of ideas, these are some of the characteristics that make coral reefs important and that we all should definitely know:

  • They protect coasts lines from the strong currents and waves.
  • Provide protection and shelter for several species.
  • They are nature’s water filtration system.
  • They control how much CO2 is in the ocean water.
  • Constitute an important food source for humans.
  • Tourism and responsible economy development.
  • Being a source of life, they enable a great food chain.
  • Provide protection to coastal communities.

The Ugly Side of Beauty Products

The cosmetics, beauty and body care market is one of the biggest around the world. Billions of dollars on trades and direct sales are moved every day because of our necessities. People love cosmetics. Butdo you know there are thousands of innocent animals dying, several natural resources being devastated, and many lives being negatively affected because of this?

What about Plastic?

Most of the cosmetics are well packed in plastic containers with beautiful and elaborated designs which makes us fall in love with their products. But, do we consider that this is absolutely harmful? Absolutely not!

The beauty industry uses plastics without hesitation and because of commercial purposes. Why? Taking care of the environment would increase production expenses.

So we need to know this: Each time we use a product after it is finished we throw it away. These plastics take 100 years to break down. Meanwhile, millions of new plastics will accumulate and start degrading our environment.

And What about their compounds?

Cosmetics are usually full of toxic compounds. For example, when you wash down your makeup, some toxic chemicals will be washed away in the water and of course, end up in the ocean. After that water evaporates and accumulates into the clouds and then pours down as rain along with this toxic chemical. It is simple. And of course, in the middle of the process e are affecting species, environments, etc.

One of the most affected species from the very first moment is plankton, which is the main source of food for many aquatic organisms. Once the chemicals arrive in the ocean, it will reduce the plankton population, affecting millions of os species, but not only this, BHA and BHT cause genetic mutation in amphibians and finally it leads to death. If you take a little time and take a look into the ingredients of the products, you will probably find Sodium Laureth sulphate or maybe Diethanolamine (DEA). The first is a kind of chemical that alters the behaviour of fish, affecting its naturality and leading it to sure death. In the second scenario, this chemical reacts negatively with nitrate and form nitrosamines which are highly carcinogenic to all living organisms including us. Is there a solution? Yes, natural cosmetics  … but.  Ever since people realized the value of natural products. Many cosmetic brands used this opportunity to make more profit. Just to label their products as ‘Natural’ they are destroying our ecosystem. These products are claimed as natural ones by masking the toxic chemicals.  Recommendation: Before buying natural products research the ingredients. But what about SPF? Well, as we know, sunscreen is the most important part of the skincare routine and because of the current situation, we need to use it every day. Sun or no sun.  There is a chemical ingredient in Sunscreen called Oxybenzene or Benzophenone-3. This ingredient helps to absorb UVA and UVB rays and protect us from Sunrays. Does this affect our environment? Absolutely. When the product gets mixed up with ocean or some water bodies, this chemical from Sunscreen will bleach the coral reef and causes damages to its DNA. It won’t reproduce or even grow anymore. If the coral reef population declines, the aquatic ecosystem will collapse.

Please, No More Plastic!



On Beach Street, we dream of a product that, in addition of its good quality, healthy natural compounds, and its accessibility to all of us, helps us in our mission of preserving the environment. We want to save the ocean and its amazing coral barriers with their entire ecosystem; yes, we want to feel free of heart and soul but we also want to see you smile in a green and blue world where the sun shines brightly every day.

Keeping this in mind, our mission and vision has always been clear:

“Inspire freedom, freshness, joy, and consciousness by the creation of an ecological products that, in addition to offering original results and quality of life to our customers, generate environmental awareness and help preserving nature”.

Under this beautiful precept, we have decided to take action and begin our journey towards the fulfillment of our goals and dreams. Our entire team is highly committed and we are working very hard both in the development of our products and in the planification of several environmental conservation projects.

So, what is going on? Our first major project.

We seek to take action in the preservation of one of the species with which we love to interact in the ocean and watch swimming free around the coral reefs but which, unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, are highly threatened and in danger of extinction, the beautiful sea turtles.

Our project mission:

Preserve to inherit life and freedom. Give back.

According to the IPBES report 2019, 1,000,000 species threatened with extinction whereas the IUCN’s more conservative estimate lists 28,000 species as threatened with extinction – 27% of all assessed species. The IPBES assesses nature’s dangerous decline as ‘Unprecedented’ with the species extinction rates ‘accelerating’.  Geologists invented the term Anthropocene Epoch – an unofficial unit of geologic time used to describe the most recent period in Earth’s history when human activity started to have a significant impact on the planet’s climate and ecosystems.

At 3AM, on the 27th of October, 2019, a drunk tourist stole 24 mature and small sea turtles at Sindhu Beach Conservation Centre, Bali, Indonesia. All of the media in Bali and abroad, all local communities and activists were outraged about such a disrespectful and cruel act. The incident attracted a lot of attention to the significance of Turtle conservation in Bali.

The purpose of this research is to evaluate the importance of turtle conservation, and the effectiveness of its methods on Bali Island, Indonesia in the mission of increasing its population.  The topic is relevant because the IUCN Red List global status of seven listed marine turtle species sea turtles is vulnerable endangered/ critically endangered.

My day at the beach with Beach-Street.

Hi reader,
My name is Lydia and because I have been using the products of this lovely brand since day one, they asked me to write down my ‘day report’ on how I use the Beach-Street products.
Are you also a beach lover and do you want to know what my day at the beach is like? Then read ‘My day at the beach with Beach-Street’.
The sun is already shining through a gap in my curtains into the bedroom. This promises to be a fantastic day at the beach. After breakfast, before heading out, I apply my 50 spf tube to my face and body to create a buffer on my skin. This is necessary because it takes at least 45 minutes by bike before I put my feet in the sand.
This beach club has lovely beach beds and I spread the large Beach Street towel over my beach bed and apply the right amount of sun cream before I go into the water.
Before, I didn’t think about smearing myself regularly with sun cream, but because the UV rays have a much greater impact on the skin due to the thinning of the ozone layer, I now pay close attention and apply sun cream regularly.
Today, there is a beach volleyball competition and my friends and I have signed up for this. We have been training for a month and are really looking forward to it! After a few hours of sunbathing and swimming, the time has come.
Luckily, I have brought my 50 SPF with me because when you sweat, a sunscreen loses its power and you have to apply it more often. The girls and I rub each other’s backs, shoulders and hind legs in and are ready for battle.
I notice that most of the competitors don’t put on enough sun cream and some of them are as red as lobsters after the race.
We didn’t win, but we had a lot of fun and after having something to eat together, I cycle home with a big smile. Back home, I shower off the sand and salt water and apply Beach-Street’s Aftersun, which gives a lovely cool and fresh feeling.
In the evening, before going to bed, I massage my face with Beach-Street’s SUN oil for extra hydration.
Why am I a fan of this brand?
The sun products are easy to apply, have a neutral, soft coconut scent, offer super protection, are 100% natural and they take into account that the local population in Bali (where they come from) is involved in the production process. Beach-Street also supports a super cool cause with a turtle centre in Bali.
I wish you happy beach days!



Amsi was born in The Netherlands into a family with love for travel, The sun, sea and especially warm weather.

Since a very young age Amsi her parents and also Co-founder of BEACH-STREET and mother Monique van Der Wal took Amsi on an incredible journey that later had the most impact of why she started BEACH-STREET Cosmetics.

Amsi grew up spending most her time flying up and down between The Netherlands, Spain Ibiza, The Caribbean and even Asia.

Always roaming around the beaches and enjoying the ocean that was the way Amsi and her family like to spend their time.

Amsi’s mother Monique, always found it important to protect her kids and re-apply sun screen as often as possible, even they off-course as kids didn’t like it.

Monique always had a hard time with finding a suitable and non-chemical sunscreen for the kids.

Especially in these times not much was clear about it.

Then the big move to Australia. In this period of Amsi’s life became even more understanding how necessary it is to protect ourselves from strong UVB/UVA rays.

Australia is brutal when it comes to sun exposure.

Here Amsi also start becoming more aware of how important it is that when we enjoy the beach, or any water related activities that we must protect ourselves with care for the ocean.

The ocean that we love to enjoy so much, and with all the beauty is has to offer.

Next to over fishing the ocean is heavily polluted and our oceans are getting damaged more and more every single day.

Around 14.000 tons of sunscreen ends up in the world’s coral reefs a year.

Amsi and Monique had to start somewhere. ‘’thought’’ how can we make a mineral non-nano sink sun protection, that doesn’t compromises its performance nor it’s integrity.


What compounds can we use to create a high performance reef-safe Spf that doesn’t sting your eyes, leaves no bitter taste, doesn’t dry your skin out or leaves it to greasy. How can we fit in a dry grip formula? and how can we make it suitable for athletes till everyday person wearing it comfortably under their make-up?

The challenge was on and they start producing and testing and always with the safety for the ocean and humans as their main priority.

BEACH-STREET is a story of a new and needed era for the cosmetic and sun related beauty product industry.

We can always do better, and we will because we owe it to our oceans.‘’Amsi’’

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