We are surfers, free divers, fishermen and watermen. We draw life from the ocean and have been connected from all over the world for our mission. Now we want to connect with our fellow watermen and women worldwide. That’s you! We want the next generation to experience the ocean as we know it. So, we all need to protect it. We want our kids to surf, free-dive, swim with amazing ocean creatures, sail, visit remote islands and appreciate the beautiful world under the surface. Because one day they need to be inspired to protect it, as well.

Why should you care?

The state of our planet today is unsettling. The global economy has a massive impact on our natural environments and will continue to affect them for as long as we do business all over the world. We rely on these natural resources, and without proper practices, they will no longer be natural resources to use. But there is a change happening.

Consumers today are aligning more with environmentally focused businesses and buying sustainably made products.

That’s why Beach-Street has committed to the Coral Gardeners and not only do we make amazing care products that are good for you and harmless for our oceans, but through your purchases, we donate a portion to these amazing Coral Gardeners so that together with you and this wonderful organization, we can restore our reefs and our oceans have a bright future.

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