MUNA Face Oil

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MUNA Face Oil

Naturally cleanses the skin with antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. The soothing effects of basil give help in healing and soothing the skin. Geranium Oil tones and protects your skin, tightening your epidermis to reduce the appearance of fine lines, it also has potent cellular regeneration properties.

  • How to use

    Apply to clean face after washing for intense moisturizer.
  • Ingredients

    Peppermint Oil, Basil Oil, Coriander Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemon Oil, Palmarosa Oil, Pepper Oil, Rosemary Oil, Spearmint Oil, Spruce Oil, Vanilla Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil. Made in Indonesia
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