It’s a lifestyle

Let’s talk about our packaging

In Beach Street, we are inspired by the salty vibes. We love those sunny days on the beach and a perfect barrel that guarantees an amazing surfing sesh. Oh yes, we do! We really like laying down on the sand for a while with the breeze of the ocean crashing in our skin, maybe enjoying a good book without any other noise but the sound of the wind heating the palm trees.

It sounds like a dream life, but it is nothing else than enjoying the simple little things in life. It is about perspectives, lifestyle, simplicity, and freedom, a coconut kind of life. As an eco-friendly, sun-related company we understand our body care necessities and how important they are to have a healthy and amazing lifestyle.

Oh yes, we do. But we also understand the importance of nature. Its preservation is a must. In order to take care of ourselves in the most responsible way as possible, Beach Street start developing its products by using only the best natural and vegan compounds for its formulation. 

Our products

Cruelty Free

Paraben Free

Coral Reef Safe

Natural & Vegan

No Artificial Preservatives

After making a market analysis, we understood that using natural products has become a necessity. And we love that. The market orientation shows with facts that “Natural is better”. Likewise, the population is increasingly aware of the importance of preserving the environment and its responsible use. For all this reasons and motivated by our own ideals, we wanted to go further.

We want to give you the best products, for sure. So, we thought: How can we offer a really good conscious product? Not in toxic plastic package, for sure. It doesn´t make sense. For this reason, Beach Street has developed its new line of sun related products by using a responsible plastic free biodegradable packaging. We want to go further; for us, for you, and for nature. 

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